60hrs Anatomy Course for Yoga Teachers

The course can be done throughout a couple of years as each CPD is given at least once a year (see calendar). Breakdown of the course:

- 6 sessions of compulsory modules  (4 to 6 hours), all the compulsory modules must be followed to qualify for the course.

- 2 optional modules can be chosen, accordingly to the student interest. (2x6hrs or 6+4hrs)

Total of 40 to 42 contact hours depending on the 2 optional module chosen.

Compulsory modules

- Mapping the spine (6hrs)

- Pelvic equilibrium (6hrs)

- Breath Space (6hrs)

- The knee in movement (4hrs)

- Foot Foundation (4hrs)

- Shoulder Girdle (4hrs)

Total 30hrs

Written assessment 4 times 1 hour assessment to be done before or at the end of a session.                 

Total 4 hours

2 Optional modules to choose

- Spinal Conditions (6hrs)

- Endocrine System (6hrs)

- Nervous System (6hrs)

- Organs and Viscera (6hrs)

- Eye Asana (4hrs)

- Head and Neck (4hrs)

- Fascinating Fascia (4hrs)

- Arms and hand (4hrs)

- Pelvic floor and movement (4hrs)

Total 10 or 12hrs, depending on the chosen subject

Suggested reading/watching/self-enquiry/practice


Total 16hrs

If you wish to follow 8 modules to qualify for the 60hrs anatomy course, please contact Julie here for payment plans & fees.